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The SteelHeart system is Capmatic's latest advancement in peristaltic filling technology. It is well-known for its flexibility, accuracy, operational ease and is guaranteed against cross contamination.

The SteelHeart is a division of Capmatic's mobile multi-head filling system and can be configured with up to 12 independent dispensing units. In its auto-calibration mode, this system can sample periodically through the integrated load cell to ensure that each servo drive maintains it’s accuracy within the programmed target fill range. The fill volume and target fill range can be programmed as a set of recipes in the main control panel.

The unit can also be operated as a direct connection to any control logics. Data acquisition can easily be processed or transferred between many compatible supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The filling system complies with cGMP standards and is designed for use in many industries, including cleanroom environments.


- Allen-Bradley PLC & Touchscreen HMI
- Driven by servo motors
- Accuracy of +/- 0.5% *
- Flow rates of up to 8 liters/min.
- Electrical requirements: 120/240 Volts, 50/60 hz
- Easy clean exterior adapted for cleanrooms
- Auto-calibration via external connected scale


- Ethernet port for data acquisition
- Programmable recipes through touchscreen
- User-based access control
- Extensive filling range down to microliters
- Dual offset rollers to alleviate pulsation
- Accommodates multiple tubing brands
- Extensive range of accepted tube sizes

* Depending on fill volume, product & setup.